Happy Earth Day!

Posted on April 21 2018

Happy Earth Day!
Earth day is a beautiful time of year to gather up recyclables, purge your house, start a list of spring cleaning to get ready for summer. Mother Nature had different plans for MN sending multiple inches of snow in the middle of April! Kids are ready to shed the snow gear and feel the wind breeze across bare legs as they run through the grass! None of that is happening anytime soon. Spring is still frozen but our kids are ready for outdoor adventures! 
Thinking about earth day gave me an idea for a fun way to start some spring garden prep and have the kids assist!
So we decided to make some seed bombs which was briefly introduced to me by a friend! It sounded magical so we decided it would be the perfect activity for us to do as a family!
*I choose to use a partial/full sun wildflower mix due to where these seedlings will be thrown. You can use herb seeds and place them in pots or choose any type of flower seed you wish. Just make sure you think about what kind of light your plants will need and place them accordingly.  
Supply List: 
  • Flower seed
  • Potter’s clay powder or white or terra-cotta clay from any craft shop
  • Peat-free compost
  • Water
  • A bowl
  • A baking tray or egg cartons 
  • Table cloth 
  • Spoons 
  • Cutting Board 
Mix Equal Parts Clay and Compost 1:1
(I choose ready made white clay)
Add a little bit of water and roll the ball between the palms of your hands 
Fold in a teaspoon of seeds and continue to roll the ball in seeds 
The seed bomb should be approximately truffle sized 
Place in baking pan or a egg carton frown the recycling bin! 
Let Dry 24-48 Hours
Then “seed bomb” the areas you want to plant your flowers or place in pots to start the seedlings if you live in an eternal winter! 
After we made a bunch of seed bombs the girls were tired and wanted to plant the remaining seeds and see if these would start sprouting! I decided to look for recyclable containers in my bin and we choose a few different sizes/materials! We talked about how using something you have can reduce the foot print you leave every day and reduce waste on planet earth. It was a really fun project and we can’t wait for the snow to melt so we can plant our seeds bombs outside!
Feel inspired to get out and plant? We have a few more tips on how to give back to mother earth all inspired by Bijou!
Reuse old poly mailers to mail packages or use as a water proof layer for under things to protect your table when making seed bombs ️
Repurpose stained dresses or dresses that have had “laundry accidents” by dyeing them and giving them vibrant new life! It’s sad when things get damaged but this could be a fun solution! 
If a dress is too short and you can’t imagine life without it...let down the generous 3 inch hem keeping your favorite style hanging in your closet! 
Sell your old Bijou pretties on the Mane Bijou BST Facebook page and buy new ones that are gently used! Nothing says save the earth by using things over and over again!

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