How It Works!

Be Epic!

Bijou Sauvage Clothier holds regular releases every two weeks on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm CST.  Our handy countdown timer at the top of our home page will keep you informed on what’s coming next and when to set your alarms!  We recommend showing up at 8pm CST on release nights  to purchase your "must-haves".  Our garments sometimes Sell Out super fast, and once they are gone, they're gone!  Make sure you also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for previews, sneaks and everything you need to know about Bijou and upcoming releases. 

Be Fast!

Bijou carting success is all about speed!  Make sure you create a Bijou Sauvage Clothier Customer account and to be logged in before 8pm CST on the night of a release. This will speed up your checkout process. If you have access to a computer, use it— every second counts on a load night, and computers typically experience faster load times than mobile devices! 

On load night, inventory loads under the Products tab on the Home Page at exactly 8pm CST.  Be ready to cart the item(s) you want - FAST!  Once you have carted your item(s), move to checkout and complete the payment process as quickly as possible!  We suggest having your CC number copied to simply paste and pay in seconds or to use a browser that "remembers" your payment information for an expedited checkout.

Inventory is not reserved at any point during the shopping or checkout process, and unfortunately, carting does not ensure that you will complete a purchase. Items can and do sell out from the time you place them in your cart, to the time you check out.  We recommend shopping quickly to avoid this issue and familiarizing yourself with the F5 key - Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!!  Items can drop from other's carts and become available even after receiving an initial Sold Out screen - Don’t Give Up & Good Luck!



Kris & Tammy