• In The Garden

    Posted on May 19 2018

    “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”   ― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard's Egg Spring and Summer are my favorite times in the year...

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  • About My Mom

    Posted on May 13 2018

    To celebrate Mother's Day we thought it would be fun highlight a few Bijou customers and their darling girls.  It is so fun to see these girls and see how...

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  • Top 5 Favorite Books To Share With Your Daughters <3

    Posted on May 12 2018

    Ernest Hemingway once said, "There is no friend as loyal as a book." We would have to agree! What are your favorte books to read with your girls? In honor of...

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  • Bijou Styled Three Ways - Botany

    Posted on May 08 2018

    With the up coming Rhythm and Blues Frankie collection quickly approaching we thought it would be fun to revisit one of our favorite Frankies, Botany.  We love Frankie's classic silhouette...

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  • Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Posted on May 05 2018

    While we all patiently wait and stalk our mailboxes for the newest release Reese to arrive, Cinco De Mayo is on the horizon! I was looking through our Bijou pieces...

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  • On The Farm

    Posted on April 25 2018

    Spring should be filled with barefoot children chasing the golden sun! I recently visited a friends farm and got to meet their newest goat baby born only two weeks before. Watching...

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  • Happy Earth Day!

    Posted on April 21 2018

    Earth day is a beautiful time of year to gather up recyclables, purge your house, start a list of spring cleaning to get ready for summer. Mother Nature had different...

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  • What's in a Name?!

    Posted on April 17 2018

    Fashion designers typically start with a range of related ideas to produce garments that work not only as a stand-alone piece but as a collection. They approach a collection considering...

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  • Happy National Siblings Day!

    Posted on April 10 2018

    (click image above to follow this adorable family on instagram!) Harlow (5) and sister Rowynn (7) are inseparable sisters that share the love for fashion and a love for Bijou Sauvage!...

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  • Bijou Styled Three Ways - Borderline

    Posted on March 14 2018

    Versatile and beautiful, our Borderline Reese is easy to wear and easy to love.  Its classic black and white color combo works in any season and its ballerina silhouette allows...

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  • Bijou Styled Three Ways - Drama Queen

    Posted on February 16 2018

    We love seeing all your sweet girls in our dresses.  Here is our Drama Queen Taylor styled 3 different ways by our awesome customers! Make sure you join our Facebook group,...

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  • Valentine's Day Printable

    Posted on February 12 2018

    What's more fun than giving a special Valentine's card to someone you admire? We made these adorable lion printables just for you! Download the PDF here, print it out and...

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  • Amigos do Caxmba: A Safe Haven

    Posted on December 28 2017

    We started Bijou Sauvage in part for our daughters.  Not only to clothe them in beautiful dresses, but also to serve as an example of the strong empowered women they can become.  We...

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  • To everything there is a season...

    Posted on June 20 2017

    So I don’t normally do the writing for Bijou, Kris is our wordsmith, and you will soon know why. <3 Friday was a really special day for me, Kris and...

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  • From the desk of Bijou Sauvage Clothier:

    Posted on June 01 2017

    Raising girls to be strong, confident, world-changers is difficult. In a world filled with ignorance, close-mindedness, intolerance, and hostility, it’s doubly so. Our words contributed to intolerance, and we are...

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  • We're Backkkkkk!

    Posted on January 02 2017

    We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your friends and families.  I don't know about ya'll but I'm having some major sugar withdrawals and dreading the extra hours...

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  • All Grown Up

    Posted on October 03 2016

    I haven't blogged in a few weeks and I've missed you guys!  We are busy busy with life and our fall collections.  We received several finished design packs this week...

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  • Vanity Scare Haute Haute Haute

    Posted on September 05 2016

    Tammy and I wanted to approach our halloween collection a little differently than what we are accustomed to seeing in the marketplace.  We wanted classic halloween color ways, but we...

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  • Here Comes the Sun

    Posted on July 26 2016

    When we started on this journey, we had a vision for Bijou.  We were going to make "vintage" new and fresh, and use the most beautiful Italian mens shirting fabrics...

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  • Is that a Sasquatch!?

    Posted on July 05 2016

    I hope you all are having an amazing summer with your kiddos and had a fun and safe Fourth of July Celebration!  We are just getting back from vacations and...

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  • Happy Birthday America!

    Posted on June 13 2016

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this week's blog.  I won't comment further on the tragic events of Orlando that our nation is still trying to understand,...

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  • High Fashion...High Five

    Posted on May 09 2016

    We hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and were treated like queens - Lord knows we could all use it this time of year!  Are you mamas as...

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  • Curve Balls

    Posted on March 28 2016

    Happy release Day!  There's always a special nervous energy and excitement for us on load days.  It's the culmination of all of our hard work and planning - and the...

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  • Mr. McGregor's Garden

    Posted on March 07 2016

    On the brink of our second release, and our first "holiday" load...we are so excited to bring you our version of Easter.  Mr. McGregor's Garden is a beautiful collection in our...

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  • The Magic of Charlie

    Posted on February 21 2016

    After spending the afternoon with our girls in the most beautiful setting, on a perfectly sunny and crisp day, shooting photos of a dress we have poured our hearts and souls...

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