High Fashion...High Five

Posted on May 09 2016

High Fashion...High Five

We hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and were treated like queens - Lord knows we could all use it this time of year!  Are you mamas as "fried" as we are?  I mean wow!  We are all counting down to summer break, school ending, sports obligations wrapping up, scrambling to find camps, and bible study and plan vacations and anything else we can come up with to occupy our little ones for the next 3 months!  We are all running on E.

We are coming back from our biggest release to date.  You guys blew us away with your love for the Clue collection.  I mean, we love it, but never ever could have imagined the overwhelming response and popularity that those sweet colorful Maddox dresses would bring.  We love you guys and your love of all the things - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  (I think Jenn is still wrapping up pretty little packages from last month, on the eve of our Frankie release!)

Now, lets talk about Frankie!  When we received our samples a few weeks ago, I think we were all in awe.  They really turned out better than we could have imagined.  The fabric, the pleating, the fit...the surprise shorties - yep you heard me - the sweetest matching shorties for our sizes 5-10.  They are breathtaking...just wait until you guys get your hands on these.  We are so proud and know you will love them as much as we do.  

I'd like to say we typically have a pretty solid direction for marketing and photos well in advance, but who are we kidding, we typically fly by the seat of our pants.  We all brainstorm and fire off ideas, we find cute shoes, we look for cool spots to shoot, we squirrel out...and eventually we land on an idea or theme that we know is "it".  This Frankie collection was especially difficult for us because each dress feels so different.  Each one says something completely different and would be the perfect dress for completely different occasions.  

The names of the dresses - so cute right?-, the hats, the style of the shoot and the location...all kind of came together at once.  When I asked Jenn and Tammy if we could maybe put the girls in big Derby hats, and shoot them very avant-garde, high fashion editorial style...I think we all started laughing simultaneously and laughed until we cried.  If you knew the personalities of our girls, you would understand why even the thought of this was really hysterical.  Getting Monroe, Harper and Scout to all cooperate for a shoot, is difficult enough, but asking them to not smile, stand awkwardly, be still, stare aimlessly, DON'T SMILE, and also wear these huge hats with your hair all glued in a giant knot...HA!  Thank goodness Gi is always on point and does exactly what she is asked - her photos are always stunning!

With the help of massive amounts of bribery - think the make-up, ice-cream AND ponies type of bribery - we managed to achieve exactly what we wanted.  This is our favorite shoot to date.  Analicia seriously nailed it.  She took a few tantrums, some duck lips, hat refusal, hat envy...and captured some seriously magical moments.  These images are everything.  They say exactly what we think, when we think of our Frankie collection, and they are very Bijou.

Please join us tomorrow night for the Cat's Meow, The Bee's Knees, Tickled Pink, and Smarty Pants at 8PM CST on our website.




Jenn, Kris, & Tammy 

Photos Courtesy of the crazy talented Analicia Herrmann

Shoes by Pepe

Hats by Moi ;)

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